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Supported compressed and archive formats include zip, 7z, rar, gz, z, bz2, cmn,.

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These must be results from the same search algorithm so that the score columns are compatible.. All of the common peak list formats are supported: mgf, mzData, pkl, dta, mzML, mzXML and ms2.. The results should be in a single file, but if the dataset corresponds to multiple instrument runs, then multiple peak lists files can be uploaded together in any common archive file format.. A fraction column (containing the name of the relevant peak list file) is also required if multiple peak lists are uploaded.


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Among the columns in this table there must be one containing peptide sequences (with modifications either within the sequence or as a separate column); one with spectrum identifiers that allow mapping between the results file and the uploaded peak list file/s; and one containing the precursor charge, which is used to determine which charge states should be considered when annotating the spectrum.

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An arbitrary number of other columns containing any other information may also be present.. The modification itself can either be expressed using the PSI-MOD standard nomenclature[11] (listed in Unimod), or it can be reported as a mass (if a mass is reported then this should be exact rather than nominal); e.. The only variation on this is that lower case s,t,y and m are interpreted as phosphorylations of ser, thr and tyr or met oxidation, respectively.. View Office documents online Do you have Office documents on your website that you want to be sure everyone can read even if they don’t have Office? Log File Viewer in SQL Server Management Studio is used to access information about errors and events that are captured in log files.


tar, tgz, tar gz, taz and tar z If your peak list is in a different format and you cannot easily produce one of the formats listed, then contact us () and we will try to assist you.. MS-Viewer expects peptide sequences to be in upper case, and if modifications on peptides are listed in the peptide sequence, they should be defined in round parentheses immediately after the modified residue.. Unless uploading a supported database or XML format uploaded results files must be in either a tab-delimited text or comma-separated value format.. The uploaded results file may be compressed Currently only multiple msf results files may be uploaded in as an archive file. 5ebbf469cd